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SAP CRM Advanced Search

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At present, IT systems allow to collect a huge amounts of data. The positive aspect of that is the ability to gather in one place all the necessary, detailed information on various activities, transactions, clients. On the other hand, such amounts of data overloads the system and can cause difficulties in quick searching of the required information, especially when the inquiry is more precise. Therefore, a very important feature of information systems is the efficient search engine, enriched with a number of options to group or narrow the results. SAP CRM offers standard search options such as simple and advanced search or the TREX support tool. However, these tools are not always appropriate and sufficient for customer needs.


The Client has implemented the SAP CRM system to manage relationships with customers, in several European sales departments. Each department deals with a few thousands of customers, creating every day number of records with sales data, contact data or activities details. As a result the database is very extensive and the new data still arrive. Data search in this case is difficult and time consuming. In addition, there have been defined new demands regarding more advanced search, e.g. combine search between several SAP CRM business objects or filtering results with advanced criteria. Special required feature was that the data stored in non-standard fields, so called custom fields, are also included into the search area. Standard TREX functionality was not sufficient to handle this process, so the client decided to implement additional developments. The new solution should contain advanced filtering criteria and search through any text option. It was supposed to be compatible with present search mechanisms and accessible form the SAP CRM WebUI navigation bar.






The implementation of Customer requirements based on standard approach would be very complicated and time consuming. It would need significant developers involvement and days of advanced programing. Therefore, NSP team has decided to offer to the client a different approach, solution based on SAPUI5 technology.

This is a new technology, with a set of tools that allows to build web applications using HTML5. Application development is simpler, faster and more efficient. In addition, created applications are consistent across all devices and give many options to customize the appearance to preferences.

Apart from presented below feature, a number of enhancements have been added to make the search easy and intuitive for the users.


  • Access via the WebUI interface from the navigation menu
  • Quick and advanced search
  • Communication with OData services
  • 9 search categories reflecting business objects: customer accounts, contacts, transactions, activities. More than one category can be selected
  • Additional attributes within the business object category
  • Search modes: exact and fuzzy search, search by a word or a phrase
  • A set of standard operators
  • Structured and non-structured data – contained in the text files (PDF and Word)
  • Searching for non-standard fields – TREX extensions

Review the results

  • Results divided into search categories
  • Separate category tabs


SAP CRM advanced search in a way NSP has implemented, was evaluated very positively by the system users. They recognized, above all, the intuitiveness and clarity of the solution, and significant improvements in efficiency. The results of the inquiries were also presented according to the expectations of the client. Positive rates of the new tool performance, confirmed that using SAPUI5 technology was the right approach in this project. It allowed, on one hand, to build a suitable and required solution and, on the other hand, to create it on a modern platform that offers a number of expansion possibilities. It also avoided many hours spent on the complex, traditional developments of SAP CRM WebUI.


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