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Tele Sales in SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

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One of the key elements of smoothly executed sales process is well organized customer service department. Employees in such a department not only respond to customers’ inquiries but also anticipate their needs to meet these expectations. Apart from taking orders, they also offer additional products, promotions and ensure that orders are delivered in due time and requested quantity, taking into account deadline dates and logistics. This leads, on one hand, to increasing customer satisfaction, and on the other hand, allows to maximize sales volumes.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is a supporting tool for any sales activities. Apart from standard functionalities, it offers easy and simple to use UI. It is available on any device, form any place and can be integrated with other source systems. You can have a quick access to current customer information, transaction history in order to enter and accept an order or finish sales transaction.


NSP customer is an FMCG company with branches in several European counties. SAP Hybris C4C was implemented in some of them to streamline the performance of sales processes. Particularly, the client was interested in developing a solution for telephone sales to improve its efficiency and time planning. The key feature of FMCG industry is the speed of order delivery from entering an order to the system, so it is frequently required to anticipate the customer needs to meet expected delivery deadline. The calling agent must have a view not only on basic information on customer but also open orders, potential demand, selected products and special offers. Those data are replicated form the source SAP ERP system.

Moreover, all the above functionalities should be available on one screen so that the agent can go through all stages during the phone call.






The key works in the project focused on below functionalities with several developments in the SAP Hybris C4C and SAP ERP systems:

Call List Management

  • SAP Hybris C4C Call Center configuration and tele sales process mapping
  • Generation of call lists based on selected parameters
  • Automatic, aggregate generation of call lists as background jobs
  • List of calls for logged agent
  • Specified individual call to be performed with scheduled execution times

Customer Master Data View adjustment

  • Delivery details window on Delivery Tab
  • Working Days Calendar
  • Time Zone
  • Available for calls, delivery and goods receipt
  • Selection of preferred call weekdays and hours

Order Entry

  • Basic customer data view
  • Additional view on preferred time for calls, deliveries and goods receipt
  • Products selection
  • Active promotions
  • SAP ERP Order simulation

SAP ERP Integration

  • SAP ERP customer and products data view
  • Standard sales order header view
  • Informacje pochodzące ze standardowego widoku nagłówka zlecenia sprzedaży
  • SAP ERP sales order evaluation in SAP Hybris C4C


Tele sales functionality in SAP Hybris C4C, allowed the client to optimize the process of collection and entering sales orders. Call agents efficiency and work planning was significantly improved thanks to automation of call lists generation with all required details available on one screen. Orders can be entered quickly and on time fulfilling the delivery and logistic requirements. Above advantages as well as improved sales results convinced the management to extend the implementation from the selected, test department, to all other sales units.


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