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SAP Data Services

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One of the basic elements of IT system implementation is data migration which means transferring existing data to the new solution. This process, due to its importance and often significant complexity, requires very careful preparation. Data cannot be lost or modified in an undesirable way. The key aspect is to recognize and understand business processes and business objects that play significant role. It allows to prepare correct process map and required scope of migration. The proposed version of the system architecture should then be verified by the customer. In the next stage, data is load into the system, using standard tools provided with the SAP product. However very often it is an inadequate and inefficient solution due to poor performance, especially in the case of a large amount of data.


The NSP client was in the process of switching from its current environment to business solutions offered by SAP. One of implemented modules was the SAP Hybris Marketing system with SAP HANA database. SAP HANA DB is a tool that allows you to store huge amount of records and process it in real time. The current database contained 40 million records – products, customers and transactional data with the daily increase of new ones reaching several thousands. Migration time estimations with standard tools gave unsatisfactory results, as the process would be carried out too long. In addition, the architecture of the previously used database was different from the architecture of the new system, which required the introduction of some integration extensions. It was also necessary to introduce many validation mechanisms before actually loading them into the system, as the client set strict requirements as to the quality of the data.






After analyzing the client’s requirements, the target system architecture and available tools for data migration, the NSP team proposed a solution based on SAP Data Services technology. It is an application dedicated to implementing data integration and transformation. It allows users to create and execute workflows that retrieve data from predefined sources called data stores (applications, Web services, flat files, databases, etc.). In the next steps, it allows you to combine, transform and refine this data. The results can be loaded back into the same or different data stores. In this case, 100,000 records of data were loaded directly into tables with the speed of 2-3 seconds.

SAP Data Services Advantages:

  • Universal access to data through native connectors
  • Native text data processing
  • Intuitive business user interfaces
  • Data quality desktops
  • Simplified data management
  • High performance and scalability


Using the Data Services technology allowed to carry out the migration process very smoothly and within the project schedule. The client has approved the correctness of data loaded into SAP Marketing system. Each object i.e. customer, product and interaction had all its attributes and the relationship between objects worked properly. It was also possible to corrects errors that existed in the previous solution. The percentage of data that did not meet the system requirements was small and these data were provided to the client.


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