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Coupon Management in SAP Hybris Marketing

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Marketing Automation systems offer the ability to automating many marketing activities thus improving their effectiveness and efficiency. One of the possibilities is sending welcome e-mail/SMS messages, new promotions or offer changes information, newsletters. Apart from that it is possible to set the rules for generating and distribution discount coupons. Within its framework, SAP Hybris Marketing system, allows to carry out this process in a very fast and easy way.


In the multitude of commercial information that customers receive, it is difficult to draw their attention and interest them in our offer. One of the methods that still encourages shopping is the use of discount coupons. This allows you to build or strengthen customer relationships and increase conversions. However, in order to attract customers with the offer, it should be unique, relevant, with a good price and up-to-date within a given time frame. These are key criteria that should be taken into account when constructing a mechanism for offering individual discount coupons.

The client has implemented the SAP hybris Marketing system to create communication for its customers. Sales takes place at numerous physical stores throughout the country and abroad. Information on customer interactions is registered on a regular basis in stores POS systems and then sent to the SAP Hybris Marketing. The client’s requirement was to generate POS alphanumeric promotional codes at POS, which will then be sent graphically (bar code) to a specific target group through the SAP Hybris Marketing system. Promotional codes must be unique to each recipient and cannot be used again in the future. After the campaign is completed, success results should be collected, i.e. how many recipients have used it. After the first distribution of the message along with the rebate coupon, it should be possible to send another communication with the reminder of the valid coupon or thanks for using the offer.






In the standard version of the SAP hybris Marketing system it is possible to manage discount coupons, however, this process is implemented as part of the Offer Management and is significantly different from what the client expected. Therefore, it was necessary to apply a different approach related to the extension of the SAP hybris Marketing architecture. Using the Business Object Processing Framework technology, it is possible to create a business object – a coupon around which the process logic was built. The use of the Data Import tool available in the system allows you to import coupons from a file with a modified logic preparing the appropriate bar code for the alphanumeric promotional code.

The following stages of the process are fully automated thanks to the standard SAP Hybris Marketing functionalities. Segmentation allows to precisely define, based on different parameters, target group of the promotion recipients. To create the e-mail creation, the Content Studio application was used, thanks to which it is possible to add the personalization attribute in such a way that each message is sending a unique, personalized rebate coupon. In order to distribute an individual code to each client, the aggregation and calculation techniques available in the SAP HANA database were applied.

The final element of the process is the creation and implementation of an e-mail marketing campaign based on the extensive e-mail message logic.

Ostatnim elementem procesu wysyłki spersonalizowanego kodu rabatowego jest utworzenie i realizacja mailowej kampanii marketingowej w oparciu o rozbudowaną logikę wysyłki wiadomości e-mail.

The applied solution is based on the ability to importing data from a file. Alternatively, NSP provided the possibility of using the OData website technology to communicate with the system in order to retrieve information such as the use of rebate codes.

Sending promotional codes through e-mail marketing campaigns also gives great analytical capabilities by verifying their use by the group of clients to whom the communication was directed.

Process in SAP Hybris Marketing


The efficient coupon distribution system has a positive impact on customer loyalty. It affects gratitude and positively influences the image of the brand. The advantages of using this solution is also the opportunity to reach new customers, increase the value of the shopping basket, support sales actions and emptying warehouses. Handling the process in the SAP Hybris Marketing system is intuitive and fast. Combined with additional functionalities of marketing automation, it is a great tool in the hands of marketers.


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